ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 (INP) Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chief, Imran Khan has questioned the election commission’s decision that party heads or elected representatives cannot campaign for party candidates in the elections.

Talking to newsmen at his Bani Gala residence today, before leaving for Jhelum to address the Ehtesab rally, the PTI Chairman said that he has been told not to address the Jhelum meeting for the by-elections.

He said that PTI had planned the Ehtesab rally for Jhelum much earlier and as a party head he can give manifesto to the people and has no funds to approve schemes for them.

 Imran Khan said that Hamza Shahbaz also addressed public meetings for PML-N candidates and he was not stopped from doing so. In reply to a question, the PTI chairman said that the ECP is not independent and it is giving the impression that it is part of PMNL-N.

He said he does not know why the government is afraid of him and that the ‘Ehtesab’ rally is aimed at pressing on the state institutions to perform their functions and check corruption.

 To a question about some estranged parliaments from the KPK, Imran Khan said that the provincial government would address their concern but cautioned that they would take action against violating party discipline, if there was any such incident.