The chairman of WAPDA has recently claimed that the construction of Kalabagh Dam is in no way harmful for Nowshera or to the flow of water to Sindh. He said that he is ready to convince the provinces opposed to the construction of Kalabagh Dam through a presentation as he has thoroughly researched the subject. 

Reinvigorating the Kalabagh Dam issue is like kicking a dead horse as the provincial assemblies of three provinces have already passed resolutions against it. There is an ample opportunity of constructing dams on other suitable sites at the river Indus as identified by many international organisations. It is unfortunate that the government has not taken any mega dam project since 1976 after the construction of Turbela Dam, sans Ghazi Barotha project few kilometers downstream the Turbela dam. The country’s demand in energy is increasing by every passing day but the government has not taken alternative steps to meet them, and instead stick to a political controversial project. 

The higher authorities should not involve themselves in political controversial projects and instead focus on other feasible projects like Dassu Dam and Pattan Dam at district Kohistan as they have the potential to alleviate the energy crises to a great deal. 


Peshawar, August 15.