Respected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, you have the honour of becoming, for the third time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and have been in politics for the last 30 years. I am now a senior citizen and retired Engineer, I remembered you promised to make Pakistan an Asian tiger, along with and many other promises. With much regret I have to tell you that you have not even implemented your own party manifesto which you told promised to the nation during the election of 2013. For example, you promised to solve the energy crisis immediately which is causing a lot of damage to the economy and forcing many industries to close down making thousands jobless. Yet there is hardly any hope for industrial revival.

You have totally ignored the basic issues and problems faced by a nation with out-of-control growth of population, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, discrimination against minorities and women. There are more than 24 million children not attending schools due to lack of attention of government, poor public health facilities, corruption, nepotism, favouritism and lack of merit.

How, in such a prevailing political and government system, can Pakistan can become an Asian tiger? Kindly tell the nation.


Lahore, August 19.