“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

–Howard Zinn – 1922-2010.

The horrors of war have cast a dark shadow on the face of humanity. Conflicts have not restricted themselves to governments or organisations responsible for insurgence and terrorism. Humanity bleeds when strikes and bombings refuse to pardon the lives of young children. At an age when they should be playing on tyre swings, licking away popsicles and chasing each other around, these children witness their houses being bombed to the ground and their families being murdered. They lose their precious little lives at a time when their mind is so aloof of the idea of death. Only recently a young boy was discovered from the rubble of a building in Aleppo, Syria, following an apparent air strike. Covered in dirt and blood, this child was immediately taken for treatment. Though the forces that rescued him are praiseworthy, let us stop for a moment and think; they may be many like him, lying beneath rubbles, waiting to be rescued. But here we are discussing who’s right and who’s wrong. Russia or the NATO? Should the Sunni forces be shunned and silenced or should the Shiite forces be punished? Whose side should we take? Who’s the terrorist? Who’s the civilian? Who’s the rebel? Let the innocent minds fathom the ferocity that is inflicted upon them because we are too occupied in finding answers than to come to their aid.