PR LAHORE - A contract signing ceremony for Industrial Training Program 2016, a new training scheme, was organised by Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) at a local hotel in Lahore. On the occasion, the PSDF awarded contracts of Rs650 million to 38 industrial entities which will impart demand-driven trainings to eligible individuals. All the trainings will be funded by the PSDF. Under the training scheme, a total of 12,000 individuals will be trained by the selected industry partners. These individuals will learn employable skills in 84 unique trades. Many of the selected organizations will also work with PSDF for securing employment for PSDF-funded trainees after completion of training.

CEO PSDF Jawad Khan said that PSDF has successfully funded training of more than 151,000 individuals since its inception. The new scheme is a unique scheme under which the PSDF has partnered with industry to impart technical and vocational skills that are demanded by the job market. He expressed his gratitude for the government of the Punjab and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) for patronizing the promotion of quality skills development in the province. He further said that the Fund is rigorously pursuing to enhance the role of local industry in the development of relevant skilled manpower for the country.

PSDF aims to provide skills and vocational training opportunities to the poor and vulnerable populations of the 36 districts of the Punjab for improving their ability to find work or progress in their current employment or develop an enterprise. It also aims to up-skill those in low-skills-low-returns jobs and enhances their earning potential. Until now, PSDF has funded trainings of more than 151,000 men and women across the Punjab under its various schemes for skills development.