ISLAMABAD - The Senate Standing Committee on Interior yesterday sought report from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and intelligence agencies over a foreign media report that the United States' National Security Agency (NSA) spied on top civil-military leadership in Pakistan using malware.

The committee that met under the chair of Senator Rehman Malik showed great concerns over the revelation made in the documents released by NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden. It said that this was indeed a malicious act to put Pakistan's national security at risk and the relevant departments, including National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) and PTA should brief it as to what measures have been taken to avert such incidents in future.

The chair also asked for report from PTA that what measures it has taken against the piracy of International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) numbers as a single IMEI number is used against multiple mobiles for the purpose of terrorism and frauds. "This issue creates hurdles for the law enforcement agencies to probe terrorism cases," he said

 "No country should be allowed to spy other country and it is a highly condemnable act," said Senator Rehman Malik. He said that Pakistan was lacking national cyber security laws that could handle with those who via malwares used to attack their important national and public installations and try to reach important information. The committee asked the NTC and PTA to brief the committee in its next meeting that so far what measures they have taken to stop such cyber threats to their cyber installations and to stop spying leadership. Rehman Malik said a very special kind of malware with codename SECONDATE had been used by NSA to spy Pakistan leadership. He has also asked the government to take this issue with US officials that why our security has been put at risk by spying our leadership.

The committee observed that IMEI number and microsofts are being pirated by terrorists and militants for terrorist activities and it was need of the hour to stop the import of million mobiles having single IMEI number and to technologically get rid of such dangerous moves.  The chair asked the government to bring the draft of bill of the National Cyber Security likewise the Cyber Crime Bill was introduced recently.

The committee strongly condemned Altaf Hussain for anti-Pakistan statement and MQM infuriated workers' attack on media houses in Karachi. Pakistan is our beloved motherland and any statement and move against it could not be borne at any cost, remarked the committee. The committee directed the Secretary Interior to submit a detailed report about the incident and IGP Sindh must brief it on the issue in its next meeting.

In the meeting, SSP Islamabad Sajid Keyani briefed the committee on the murder case Dr Shahid Nawaz Malik who was killed inside PIMS last year. The committee expressed dissatisfaction on the investigation by police saying police have so far failed to identify any killer or find any clue about the murder.  The committee directed the Secretary Interior to constitute a Join Investigation Team comprises experts to investigate into the cold blooded murder of Dr Shahid Nawaz.

Director FIA Usman Anwar briefed the committee on the scam of Grand Hayat Hotel in Islamabad and the committee expressed concerns over the embezzlements in the deal made by CDA with the hotel management.

Director FIA Usman Anwar told the committee that FIA is fairly investigating the case and an inquiry report would be submitted to the court for further course of action. The committee asked the FIA that how and why the schedule of payment to be paid to CDA by the private firm was changed besides changing the post-bid agreement. CDA was asked to submit a comprehensive report to the committee about Safa Gold Mall which was reportedly constructed on the land of a public dispensary.