KARACHI - The latest anti-state statements of the London-based leader Altaf Hussain exposed the real face of MQM chief reflecting his emotions about Pakistan. Altaf’s attacks on the institutions also provided the state institutions a justification for a strong action against MQM as all its offices along with headquarters Nine-Zero were sealed by the law enforcement agencies.

This is not for the first time that Altaf has targeted the armed forces but the history of MQM chief is full of criticism against the state institutions. Altaf’s recent speech touched the borders of extreme provocation as he raised slogans against Pakistan but also called the country a cancer of entire world. “Who says long live Pakistan…it’s down with Pakistan,” these were the words by MQM chief when he provoked the party women wing workers to attack media houses on Monday.

Altaf’s stance about Pakistan and state institutions has always been uncertain as on many occasions, he used harsh and abrasive words against the armed forces that pushed the MQM decision-making body - coordination committee - and its parliamentarians in trouble as they remained busy in explaining and defending Altaf`s stance. Formation of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement - MQM Haqqiqi in year 1992 and recently formation of new political party-PSP by MQM’s former Mayor Mustafa Kamal and deputy convener Anis Qaimkhani were the key faction that openly denied MQM chief stance but also kept apart themselves from Altaf`s Muttahida.

Altaf, after the launch of targeted operation in Karachi, struck the paramilitary force - Rangers - with harsh words comparing Rangers conduct with Indian army’s brutality with people in the held Kashmir.

Responding to Altaf’s hate speeches, federal rulers termed it noose tightening around Altaf in United Kingdom and said it seemed as Altaf was expressing his anger towards Pakistan in frustration, however, his words were the language of Pakistan`s enemies.

From the book of history, on various occasions, Altaf criticised armed forces. In September 2014, he targeted military establishment and asked armed forces, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) or Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) should respond to his quires over what it termed illegal actions of paramilitary force in the Rangers-led operation in Karachi launched on September 05, 2013. Lashing out at ‘military establishment’ of Pakistan for persisting ‘prejudice’ against MQM within its ranks, Altaf alleged that dictators imposed martial laws with the help of armed forces. Furthermore, numerous FIRs were registered on July 15, 2015 against Altaf in various regions of Sindh province over his inflammatory remarks against the armed forces.

MQM chief Altaf Husain in July 2015, addressing the workers convention, called Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to throw out the rotten eggs form the armed forces. The speech was apparently in response to the issue of charge-sheet Rangers about the March 11, 2015 raid on MQM’s Nine-Zero headquarters in Azizabad. Altaf not only alleged the Rangers over violation of army`s code of conduct but also lashed out at Rangers DG Major General Bilal Akbar for “committing atrocities against Mohajir community, and illegal arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings of MQM workers. During the speech, Altaf also claimed that the city will turn into Somalia if he detached himself from MQM because people were still demonstrating patience because of his teaching.

Besides this, in July 2013, British government endorsed the fact that MQM chief Altaf had written a letter to then premier Tony Blair in year 2001 to break Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) network.

The letter affirmed MQM’s support to end terrorism in Pakistan and for this the Karachi-based party had expressed its wish to have fair share in provincial government of Sindh, as well as to have support in ending ISI. The letter appealed that the “ISI must be disbanded otherwise the ISI will continue to produce many Osama bin-Ladins and Taliban in future”.

After Altaf`s letter to Tony Blair came under discussion in media, the MQM responded with a denial and on September 6, 2011 then MQM leader Mustafa Kamal-who this year parted ways with MQM forming a new political party Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP)- termed the letter baseless likening it to a media trial of the party.

Facing strong criticism over his comments regarding the army, the MQM chief had tendered apologies after every speech while Lahore High Court in September, 2015 imposed ban on the broadcast of images and speeches of Altaf across all electronic and print media.

Moreover, hours after speaking against the Pakistan and state institutions, MQM London-based leader Wasay Jalil shared MQM chief’s statement on social media that says, “From the depth of heart, I beg a pardon for my remarks against Pakistan, the establishment including Gen Raheel Sharif and DG Rangers. Wasay said that MQM chief had stated that he was under severe mental stress over extra-judicial arrests and precarious condition of party workers sitting at the hunger strike camp. “Being a Pakistani, I assure the Pakistani people, establishment, army, ISI, all higher authorities and leaders that I will never use such words again,” the statement read.