SIALKOT/VEHARI/Mirpur(AJK)/Toba TeK SINGH-A number of journalists took out rallies here on Tuesday against the attacks on the media houses by the MQM activists in Karachi, saying Pakistan is also in state of war with terrorist party Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

In Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Begowala, Uggoki, Chawinda, Badiana and Pasrur, the mediamen lodged their strong protest and staged sit-ins. They were carrying banners and placards and chanting anti-hooliganism and anti-terrorism slogans. They also unanimously passed several condemnation resolutions in this regard.

The journalists wore the black arms bandages and they strongly condemned these attacks on the media houses, demanding the security and safety of the journalists and the media houses across Pakistan, especially in the Karachi.

Likewise, Vehari Press Club, Electronic Media Reporters Association and Pak International Media Council welcomed the sealing of MQM headquarters by the Rangers during a protest rally. They said that those speaking against our homeland cannot be forgiven. Waheed Ahmed Bhatti, the president of EMRA, said during the rally that freedom of speech is fundamental right and those against the fundamental right are not obeying the Constitution. Senior vice president of Pak International Media Council Adnan sheikh urged the MQM activists to act sensibly or quit the party if they were unable to prevent their party chief from making such statements.

Ishfaq Chaudhry strongly condemned the MQM for the brutal attack on freedom of press. He termed MQM a bunch of violators. MQM had always done bad things for Pakistan and that the party is without any ideology of positivism. “We are in state of war collectively and our agencies are confronting with external elements as well as internal like MQM.

The protesters holding banners and placards inscribed with anti-Altaf Hussain slogans urged the government to expose those conspiring against the country. DBA Secretary General Masood Zafar has announced two days strike against MQM saying that the people of Pakistan would not allow anybody to hatch conspiracies against the country and damage its sovereignty. Speaking on the occasion, the protestors said that the government and forces should not remain silent over the incident.

In Mirpur (AJK), Kashmir Press Club hosted the street agitation morning against the attacks on various media houses. The demo was also joined by several people belonging to various segments of the society including members of the business community, lawyers, social and political leaders and workers.

Led by the Kashmir Press Club President Hafiz Maqsood, the journalists marched through various city streets chanting slogans against MQM leadership including Altaf Hussain for his anti-Pakistan speeches instigating the party activists for attacks on the offices of various print and electronic media organisations in Karachi. The demonstrating journalists also raised full throat slogans in favour of freedom of press and freedom of expression.

The journalists marched through Kashmir Press Club Road, Mian Muhammad Road, Allama Iqbal road chanting slogans against the frequent attacks by the MQM elements against freedom of expression and the media in Karachi on Monday. Speakers raised slogans for complete freedom of press besides against the incident.

They declared that time has come for the entire nation including the national print and electronic media to stand united for waging war against the anti-state elements like MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain, terrorism, ignorance and extremism to vanish it from its roots. The war could not be won without giving full freedom to the media and the freedom of expression.

They described such immoral tactics including attacks on the media as a blatant attack on the freedom of expression as well as against the entire nation. They demanded of the law enforcement agencies including Armed forces of Pakistan including Rangers as well as the Sind province government to immediately net all the perpetrators of the violent attack on the media houses in Karachi.

They also emphatically urged the government to ensure complete freedom of press and protection to the media persons Karachi.

Through a unanimously passed resolution, moved by the Senior Vice President Zafar Mughal, the Kashmir Press Club rally demanded immediate imposition of ban on MQM besides its leadership. The rally also called for bringing the perpetrators of the Tuesday Attack on media houses in Karachi to justice without further delay - besides to ensure the freedom of expression and press in Karachi and rest of the province.

In Toba Tek Singh, the protesters demanded that the government should take steps to against attack on the media houses and media persons and to arrest all the attackers. The rally was led by Press Club President Manzoor Ahmad Naz.