Pakistani film, TV actress Hareem Farooq shut down her ‘critics’ by pointing out their hypocrisy on her social media account.

She was being highly criticized for her Independence Day celebrations picture with actor Osman Khalid Butt.

The cyber bullies called her “shameless” for a bold pout pose picture with the male actor. They even called her a sinner who is destined for hell.

While replying such “critics” in a rather sarcastic manner, Hareem shut down them by saying they should not be worried about her afterlife while they are on their way to self proclaimed heaven.

“I feel so happy that I have so many people who cared about my “aakhirat” more than theirs.” She wrote.

She also pointed out the double standards of the critics by saying “next time don’t watch any of  Indian actresses Katreena, Kareena item number as it would destroy your proclaimed heaven, but as they are non-Muslims so watching their item numbers are not going to affect their afterlife”. She concluded.