Islamabad - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has stopped four universities from giving admissions to students in any degree program owing to academic irregularities and mismanagement.

These institutions included Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology (PIMSAT) Karachi, Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore, Global Institute Lahore, and Al-Khair University AJK.

In addition to main campuses, their sub-campuses, branches and affiliated colleges are also barred from admissions in any program.

As per a statement issued by HEC , complying with directives of the Prime Minister, HEC Review Panels visited universities in 2016 across the country to review the quality assurance and governance practices.

Universities whose report was not satisfactory were asked to fulfil the deficiencies, however, these universities failed to fulfil the deficiencies despite several reminders, therefore, they have been asked to stop students’ admissions in all of their academic programs.

The statement said that HEC regularly issues parent and student alerts in national and regional newspapers as well as through social media, warning the public to check from HEC website the list of recognised institutions as well as the accredited program.

The students are continuously warned that HEC will not attest degrees or certificates obtained from such universities or institutes claiming their affiliation.

HEC has posted lists of recognised as well as non-recognised higher education institutions on its websites.

Besides, HEC website also has a list of Accreditation Councils which are responsible for accreditation of respective degree programs.

These include Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PCP), Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC), National Council for Homoeopathy (NCH), National Council for Tibb (NCT), National Accreditation Council for Teachers Education (NACTE), National Agricultural Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), and National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC).

Parents and students can check the accreditation status of various academic programs of different institutions to ensure that the specific program they are interested in is an approved program.

HEC is also developing the Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR), an online database containing a list of approved degree programs of HEC recognised public and private sector universities including their sub campuses and affiliated as well as constituent colleges