Every man meets his Waterloo at last.

–Wendell Phillips

The Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year 1815 between the then French Empire headed by Napolean Bonaparte and the Seventh Coalition which consisted of the United Kingdom, Prussia, the Netherlands and a few others.

Napolean had previously succeeded to rise in the ranks during the French Revolution and occupy many parts of Europe. However, in 1812, he largely underestimated Prussia and was defeated due to which he was forced to leave his position and was exiled in 1814. Shortly after he escaped his exile and with the help of more than a 1000 supporters, overthrew the new king in France and assumed power.

He marched to Belgium where he planned to eliminate the allies one by one, and although his troops were able to defeat the British, they fell weak as the Prussian forces turned in and more than 33,000 of Napolean’s soldiers were lost. In poor health himself, he made several major errors due to which his military career came to an end. He is said to have rode away in tears from this battle.