A great philosopher Ibn-e-Khuldoon said that “No dynasty lasts for more than three generations.” Same is the case with the Sharifs of Pakistan. It was the President, the COAS and then the Supreme Court. The first two ousters might seem a bit illogical but the last one fulfills all the legal loop holes and seems to be a fair decision.

The house of Sharif is in troubled waters these days. And now they are trying to make the whole nation suffer. The scuffle between them and the institutions of the country is counter-productive for all. All the MPs have been assigned a task to pull out a huge crowd in Punjab. PML-N is governing in Federal, Punjab and Balochistan. Then to whom are you trying to show this so-called power; Supreme Court, NAB or Army?

Even District Administration has been ordered to cooperate with PML-N in all the spheres. It means the house of Sharif wants the whole system to be at stake, for the sake of their own survival. An individual, a family or even a political party is not that important for which the whole country is made to cripple. PML-N ought to think about it otherwise the consequences will be horrible.


Gujranwala, August 8.