Pakistan is the only country which has rendered countless sacrifices during the fight against terrorism since many years now. But the sad reality is that the world community has never acknowledged its services, specially America. The embroglio in which America has gotten itself into in Afghanistan is getting out of its control now and that is the reason that Trump has issued a baseless and false allegation against Pakistan. Pakistan Army is one of the most professional and well-trained armies of the world and it has been fighting extremism with great professionalism and the remarks by the American President are totally uncalled for.  

This is the mockery of the huge sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the shape of police and army personnel and even loss of lives of civilians. The war against extremism which Pakistan is undertaking is not easy and the world should be thankful that Pakistan is doing this thankless job against a global phenomenon. Trump should stay away from towing the same line of his predecessors, rather he should acknowledge Pakistan’s great efforts instead of mere threats. It should be realized that peace in the region is not possible without the active engagement of Pakistan because it is a key regional player. 


Lahore, August 23.