Social Media has achieved centrality in all the societies across the globe even in the presence of mainstream media. It has played a vital role in revitalizing the social life. Everyone has got a tool to speak out and express their feelings i.e. anger, love, hate, justice, equality, liberty, prosperity, among others. It has become a democratic platform for people across the globe. With the advent of social media so many things have lost their vitality and importance but that is not the point of discussion. Apart from its importance, there are countless negative aspects of social media which are affecting the society to a larger extent. Despite the dark side of social media, it is getting popular day by day.

Social media has digitalized human beings. The humans we meet on social media are not the humans we meet in real life. They are digital humans. They approach you. They catch you. They follow you. They like you. They comment on you. They judge you. They tag you. Last but not least, they instruct you. The person behind the keyboard has all the power to construct the reality and s/he is doing it to a great extent. There is no concrete concept of right and wrong because there are as many rights and wrongs as there are fingers on the keyboard. The concepts of identity and gender are also very confusing.

The viewers and followers of social media do not know who they are viewing and following. Though it is compulsory to tell the real identity and gender, yet computers cannot recognize the identity and gender of the users from their fingers. The viewers/followers have to believe what they are supposed to believe. Though there is a little gap between the users and viewers, yet they cannot judge one another. They have to believe without seeing. This relationship is a kind of blind faith. Therefore there are several stories of digital misfortunes. Fake accounts can be made for fun. But after a while, they start harassing the users and send and share implicit as well as illicit materials. They also send threatening messages to those they do not like.

Social media is also one of the biggest sources of wastage of time and distraction. The youth is totally into it. They waste their time on social media instead of focusing on their studies. Though it contributes to awareness, yet social media also destroys the intellectual status of the users. The youth has become addicted to it. Their thinking power and intelligence are decreasing.