Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Siraj ul Haq has said that the government failure to bring back the money stashed by Pakistani elites in foreign banks exposes its tall claims made in this regard.

While talking to the party workers at Mansoora on Saturday, the JI chief said that the government has not only failed to recover a single penny held by Pakistanis through fiduciaries or wealth managers in Swiss accounts and other banks but it also disappointed the nation on other fronts.

Despite passage of one year, the government still seems directionless and has not able to clarify and elaborate its future strategies and policies on economy.

Demanding the government inform the nation on what conditions it received loans from the IMF and other countries, he said details about the spending of the loans should also be made public.

He said the people were not satisfied over one year’s performance of the government. During last 12 months, he said, over one million became jobless and the prices of medicines, gas and petrol has increased out of the reach of a common man. The US dollar exchange rate and inflation, Siraj added, went all times high and there was no check on corruption and nepotism.

The JI chief asked the PTI government to take immediate steps to control skyrocketing inflation and rising unemployment.

Talking about the Kashmir situation, he said that the JI was organizing a “Save Kashmir March” in Peshawar on Sunday (August 25) to express solidarity with the people of held region.

He said a clear message will be given to India in the rally that people of Pakistan were standing with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters and they would go to every extent for their help.