As an ordinary citizen, I humbly appeal to our political leaders to search their souls to find the truth about themselves. People are fed up with their verbosity about their own honesty, their opponents’ corruption, and the self-proclaimed mastery they claim to have on peoples’ issues. The Muslim League has been in power at the center, the Punjab or both since 1980. Similarly, the PPP has been in power in Sindh since eternity with a few stints at federal government off and on. However, both have failed in creating strong foundations for the country to take off. The country is marred by poverty, crippled economy, corruption, and poor health and education development. People voted for the PTI for change.

On the face of it, the PTI also made the same claims and allegations as their predecessors, but people in hope of change gave them a chance. They need to realize that all are human beings and no human is better than the other at the time of reckoning. Unfortunately, the ways of horse-trading, toppling opposition’s governments with the help of disgruntled politicians is neither democratic nor a right way to seize power in the name of democracy.

They deceive the poor who mandates them to power. The difficulty is that all parties can’t rule at a time. One party rules while others wait for the completion of the term by the ruling party. It would be a good change to see the PTI set a new example by getting and holding to power through solid work rather than conspiracies and horse-trading, which we are too familiar with already.