LAHORE    -  Prime Minister Imran Khan has assigned Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar to look after the Kartarpur corridor project, it is learnt reliably.

The development takes place as the corridor project becomes more important in wake of recent tension between Pakistan and India on Kashmir.

The Sikh community has been rallying for seconding Pakistan’s solidarity campaign for the Kashmir cause and the Punjab governor has personal links with Sikhs who have religious and emotional attachment with the corridor project.

Although a few people suggest Kartarpur border be closed down and the corridor project be put off, Pakistani government and a good number of opinion makers want the project completed as soon as possible.

Opening of this border would let Sikhs enjoy freedom of performing their rituals and closing the corridor won’t serve country’s interest, the sources say.

They add Sarwar has a say in the international comity of nations and he has been known for raising voice for minorities’ rights at international forums.

According to the sources, work on the Kartarpur corridor is in full swing and PM Khan wanted the project completed at the earliest.

Sikh pilgrims after return to India portray Pakistan a peace-loving state and advocate for completion of the corridor project though political pundits of India point figure at the Kartapur corridor and allege Islamabad may stir the Khalistan movement through it.

Governor Sarwar has repeatedly spoken of Pakistan’s resolve to complete corridor project at all costs. A couple of days ago, he said despite rigidness from India, the Kartarpur corridor project and arrangements for celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak’s Birthday are on.