Multan/Hafizabad-The residents of South Punjab expressed complete solidarity with Kashmiris as students, traders, teachers and common citizens brought out rallies from different parts of the region on Friday.

A large number of people participated in the rallies organised by different political and religious parties as well as civil society in Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Bahawalpur divisions. The protesters chanted slogans against India. Some of the slogans included “Death on India; Long Live Pak Army; Kashmir will Become Pakistan.” They also burnt Indian flags and effigies of Indian Prime Minister Modi.

The students of Government Pilot School brought out a big rally which was led by officiating DCO Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi while CEO Education Authority Shamsher Khan and others participated in it. The rally started from the school and the participants marched up to Nawan Shehr Chowk. Talking the media on the occasion, Agha Zaheer said that rallies would be organised on every Friday to express solidarity with Kashmiris. He added that no one could deprive Kashmiris of their basic right of independence. He said that the liberation of Kashmir was around the corner. Assistant Commissioner City Qazi Mansoor said that Pakistani map was incomplete without Kashmir. AC Saddar Tayyab Khan said that Pakistan would not flinch from launching efforts for Kashmiris from all platforms. CEO Education Shamsher Khan said that the rally would give this message to the world that every single child of Pakistan stood by Kashmiris. He added that the recent incidents unveiled real face of India.

Meanwhile, the activists of Mutahidda Sunni Aima Council held a “Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan” rally which started from Wilayatabad No-2 and terminated at Chowk Ghalla Godam. The participants set Indian flag on fire. Speaking on this occasion, Mirza Arshad Qadri, Qari Abdul Rasheed, Amir Ali Wains and others said that the silence of world on Indian atrocities in Kashmir was criminal. They added that the world kept mum on crimes against Muslims across the world which was highly condemnable. They asked Pak Army to retaliate to Indian aggression, saying the jawans of the council would stand shoulder to shoulder with the army.

In Hafizabad, clerks of the district staged demonstration in front of District Press Club Hafizabad to express solidarity with the Kashmiri Muslims groaning under the shackles of Indians. The rally was taken out under the auspices of All Pakistan Clerks Association (Zafar Ali group) and led by APCA Punjab President Muzaffar Ali and District President Nasir Ameen, raised slogans against the Hindu Samraj and condemned the barbarity being committed on the unarmed innocent Muslims men and women in the occupied Kashmir. They called upon the world powers particularly UNSC and OIC and Muslim Ummah to exert their influential over the Indian Hitler Moodi to stop oppression on the innocent Muslims and to stop annexation of occupied Kashmir in India. They also called upon International Human Rights Organisations to stop brutality by the Indian forces on the innocent men and women in occupied Kashmir.


The workers of Awami Workers Party (AWP) staged a protest against price hike due to failure of government’s poor economic policies here at Chowk Aziz Hotel on Friday. The protesters were led by provincial secretary general of the party Farhat Abbas. The protesters shouted slogans against PTI government.

The speakers alleged on this occasion that the government gave the country into control of IMF which caused a storm of price hike. They maintained that the failed government did not possess any economic agenda. It is because of their complete failure that they have got the masses engaged in debate on non-issues,” they added. They said that the government crushed poor masses with high prices and disengaged them from political process. They alleged that the government was bent upon burying hungry and poor people alive. “Now the labourers of the country have to make a decision whether to take to the path of resistance or die of hunger,” they asserted.