ISLAMABAD        -        Balochistan government has decided to revamp the Levies Force and divide into different wings to improve law and order situation in the province. The government has earmarked Rs 1,117 million for restructuring and improvement of the Levies Force, an official of the Balochistan government told APP. 

“It has been decided to restructure Balochistan Levies Force which is responsible for maintaining law and order in the rural areas of 30 districts of the province on modern lines,” he said.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan also said, “The law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order across the province have always played exemplary role and we are proud of it”, he added.

Balochistan government has allocated a huge of Rs 44 billion in the current financial year for improvement of law and order situation in the province, the official said. The police have been maintaining law and order in 10 per cent areas of Balochistan, which is called A area, while in the remaining 90 per cent of the area, the Levies Force is responsible to sustain law and order, which is called B area, it added. 

Around Rs100 million has been allocated for construction of multi-purpose centers for Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Quick Response Group (QRF) and Socio Economic Unit (SEU) during this year, he added. He said that Rs 700 million has been allocated for executing multi-purpose housing projects at Divisional Headquarters for new Special Units set up in Levies Force, while development projects worth Rs 400 million are underway for construction and repairing of level check posts and lines.

Under the reorganization, the Levies Force is being divided into various sectors including Operational Wing, Investigation Wing, Intelligence Wing, Rapid Mobility Force, Counter-Terrorism Wing, and Bomb Disposal Wing.

He said that a special protection unit of the Levies would be also set up for the security of the Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. The reforms were undergoing in the line of current days requirements, including modern management, training curriculum, digitization, implementation of biometrics attendance system, Geo-mapping database and investigative skills of the Levies Force, he added.

Strict implementation of environmental laws to be ensured

Balochistan government has stepped up its efforts to ensure strict implementation on Environmental Protection Act 2012 to protect environment and curb pollution in the province.

“Ever company, intending to carry out construction work in private and public sectors, would have to acquire No-Objection Certificate (NOC),” an official of the Balochistan government told APP. The Environment Protection Department had constituted teams to monitor the compliance of environmental laws at construction sites. The officials have been directed to ensure preservation of the natural habitat of wildlife in their respective areas. Environmental laboratories were being set up in Gwadar to ensure protection of coastal environment and marine life, he added.

He said it had been decided in principle to make Balochistan Environmental Council functional for better coordination among the provincial departments. To a query, the official said installation of 10 new Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) in the border areas were underway to analyze air quality on regular basis. He said the provincial government had allocated Rs 100 million for the current financial year for installing AQMS on various sites including Taftan, Chaman, Gwadar, Khuzdar, Hub, Loralai and other locations.

The official said available resources would be utilized to protect the natural resources which were necessary for preserving green environment. He said the government would be taking steps to maintain and optimize the use of greenbelts, public parks, playgrounds and green areas throughout the province.

Machinery and other ancillary equipment would be procured for the maintenance of green belts and public parks, he added.