KARACHI - Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Industries, Commerce and Cooperative Societies Sindh Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said on Sunday that Ghotki district had become a stronghold of PPP. “PPP’s significant victory in the local bodies’ elections in Sindh will be visible to all,” he said while visiting Ghotki including various villages of his constituency Panu Aqil today and meeting various delegations. He offered Fateha at Village Ilahi Bakhsh Mangi, Village Jalal Andhar, Village Mitla and other villages in Panu Aqil, besides visiting the residence of former Chairman Nadir Ali Shah Jilani in Ghotki.  He also reached Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Leghari, the central leader of Ulema-e-Islam’s residence and offered Fateha on the death of his mother. He listened to public grievances and problems at Jam House, Adilpur and took steps to address them immediately.

On this occasion, he further said that there was a change in the politics of the country and the people were aware of the difference between good and evil. Now the time had passed when the people were enslaved and their votes were stolen. Replying to a question, Dharejo said that PPP would sweep all over Sindh including Ghotki in the next local body elections. He said that MQM ruled Karachi for 28 years and its mayor and UC chairmen were still there,   but the PPP was the target of criticism.

Dharejo said that the opponents of democracy had tried to break the political status of PPP in every era, but the result was in front of everyone. No doubt, PPP was strong enough to defeat the opponents. 

On this occasion, PPP Panu Aqil President Mian Abdul Qawi Andhar, Ghotki District General Secretary Sikandar Lakho, General Secretary Hafiz Azizullah Bhutto, Ghulam Haider Jhalan, Arif Korai, Mohammad Ismail Dhondho, Akhtar Sanghar, Mohammad Omar Sanghar and party’s office-bearers and workers were also present in large numbers.