Peshawar          -      To bring passengers from the suburban areas of Peshawar to main stations of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Trans-Peshawar is going to make BRT feeder routes operational from today (Monday).

In the beginning 12 meter long buses will start operation in Hayatabad and surrounding areas. The operation is aimed to connect the people of whole city, who are hiring rickshaws and taxis to reach BRT station.  

Several phases of Hayatabad are not connected with BRT main station and these buses will provide transport facilities to the passengers from Phase VII and Phase VI, Phase II Hayatabad to main station.  

Spokesman for BRT Alamgir Bangash said that the buses would run with interval of five minutes duration to pick up the passengers from different area of Peshawar. He said, “Initially 25 buses will operate from Hayatabad only while the number will be increased as per the demand of the passenger”.  

He said the problem of the people living in far-flung of the city would be resolved when all the feeder routes would start functioning in different stages. In order to maintain cleanliness at BRT stations administration had also imposed ban on use of Naswar and other narcotics.

The decision was taken to maintain the clean environment of the BRT stations, several people were caught red handed while using narcotics in BRT station and were fined on the spot. Similarly, sharp edge cutting items had also been banned while travelling in BRT.