Peshawar            -        Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI), Department of Environment, Forest and Wildlife of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has unveiled its two years performance focusing on education, research, infrastructure development and studies to mitigate climate change challenges.

PFI,  a national education and research institute established in 1947, has developed Forest Reference Emissions (FRE) level for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a key baseline data for assessing international funding under climate change mitigation, conduct carbon stock assessment in all forest areas of the province and established arboretum for production of quality seeds.

Draft PFI Act 2020 has been prepared and submitted with Environment, Forests and Wildlife Department on December 31 last year and anomalies in service rules to the department on December 16, 2019, documents revealed.

The premier institute is working for improvement of environment, forest conservation and natural resources of the country by conducting research on various environmental issues and imparting training in the specialized field of environment, forestry, wildlife and others allied disciplines. This premier organization is coordinating with all national and international agencies related to forestry research as a part of its routine activity. 

PFI has completed process of condemnation of 25 dilapidated transport vehicles and the case has been submitted to Administrative Department for auction on March 6 this year.

Similarly, existing transport is modestly repaired and is made useable besides a case for purchase of vehicles for PFI staffers worth Rs.147,783,076 has been submitted with the Environment Department on December 20, 2019.

Likewise, unserviceable items were advertised in newspaper for auction and the process was halted due to COVID-19 lockdown and efforts were underway for smooth completion of the process.

A meeting of the standing service rules was held on June 30 and July 1 this year besides jobs description of staff updated and submitted to the Environment Department on March 3, for administrative approval.

Mega projects including reconstruction of portion of students’ hostel and beautification of botanical garden has been cleared from Departmental Development Working Party (DDWP) and special internet lines of high speed were procured from National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) besides facilities of computer laboratory and students hostel are being available 24/7. On research front, PFI was making untiring efforts to improve students’ education and grooming by arranging guest night by inviting national level scholars to interact with them in a month.

The beautification of the premier institute was underway and the system of daily situation report was initiated. As many as 75 worn out mattresses from forestry students hostel has been replaced with orto-mattresses.

Inspection of PFI field station Shinkyari in Mansehra and Kalam in Swat was done and C&W Department was asked to expedite work on the pending schemes.

Agreement with WSSP is in the province to collect garbage from PFI’s premises and efforts was underway to improve working of its dispensary. The procurement of 13 weapons for its armed guards is in final stage.

The security of PFI was being enhanced by providing CCTV cameras, walks through gates, wireless and walkie talkie sets for duty, search lights, raising of walls besides necessary purchase of office equipment, furniture and repairs was done.

The historic institute has all the capability to deal with current forestry challenges like desertification, arid zone afforestation, reclamation of waterlogged and saline soils through biological measures and conservation of biodiversity issues related to major flora and fauna in the country.

PFI has also capabilities to conduct research on wood and wood-based products and give guidelines to the industry working in these areas.

Protection of watersheds and improvement of range lands is an integral part of the system. In this context, cooperation extended by the Forestry, Environment and Wildlife Department KP through provision of various projects for improvement of environment, forestry, wildlife and poverty alleviation is highly commendable.