Attock-The installation of two filtration plants for provision of clean drinking water for the dwellers of two different localities of Hasanabdal proved an eye wash as the same facility could not be made operational due to different reasons. These two filtration plants were inaugurated by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Khan on August 10 and a special inauguration ceremony was also held on this occasion. The cost of each filtration plant is reportedly Rs2 million and the project was executed through Public Health Engineering Department (PHED).  

On the occasion, it was announced to provide clean drinking water to the residents at their doorstep to get rid of the water borne diseases in Housing Colony and Sakheenagar areas of Hasanabdal city. However, this claim proved to be a mere eye-wash for the residents of Hasanabdal as the plants have not been opened for the public despite over 10 days of inauguration. Sources said that 180-feet deep bore for water was carried out by the contractor but no water surfaced as in this area water level is too low. Sources further revealed that at the time of inauguration, to dodge the SAPM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Khan, PTI leaders and general public, the said contractor filled the water tank to show it as operational but both the filtration plants are not operational since inauguration. 

Sadia Bibi, a resident of Housing Colony told this scribe that like other residents of the area, she was happy after inauguration of filtration plant in the area as the water supply scheme in the area has almost collapsed and residents are getting contaminated water. She added that her family became utterly disappointed that the same facility is closed since its inauguration 10 days ago. Shahzad Mughal, another resident of the area said that residents of the area were getting contaminated water due to faulty water supply system in the area and dwellers hoped that after inauguration of the filtration plant, people of the area would get clean drinking water but it proved a mere eye-wash as it has not been made functional for public so far. 

Sadaqat Ali, a resident of Sakhi Nagar area, said that people of the area saw the doors of water filtration plant open on the day of its inauguration and since then not a single drop of water has been provided to the residents. He alleged that the bore for water is not up to the required depth to supply water due to poor planning and faulty engineering by concerned staff who executed the project. 

Former Member Punjab Assembly from Hassanabdal, Shahwaiz Khan termed the provision of filtration plants to the residents of the city another drama by the PTI government. He said that PTI leaders were inaugurating incomplete and semi-complete projects in area to fool the masses. He said that the project of construction of Rescue 1122 building in Hasanabdal which is long-standing demand of the area has been put at back burner by the present government just because it was initiated by PML-N. He alleged that the building structure is on the verge of collapse due to lack of proper maintenance, which is another example of political victimisation of the government as well as another example of poor priorities of the leadership of PTI. Iqbal Khan, General Secretary JI Punjab said that this project was an ample proof of how the PTI leadership is befooling masses with dummy projects. 

When contacted, Dr Khurum, Coordinator Malik Amin Aslam Khan, said that at the time of execution of the project, it was decided with the notables of the respective areas that these plants would be operated by the mohallah committees as the committees would be responsible for their look after. He said that these committees failed to shoulder responsibility to run these plants. He said that now the responsibility had been handed over to the municipal committee and the company which executed the project, and training is being imparted to the nominees for proper running of these plants. He added that as soon as the training completes, these plants would be opened for public from next week. 

Responding to a question about non-provision of water to one of the plants, he said that the electric meter was installed one day before the inauguration and proper pumping could not be carried out which delayed filling the tank connected with filtration plant. 

Mohsin Sub Engineer PHED said that department has completed construction and installation of the filtration plants as per schedule. He said that delay in installation of electricity meters, not owning the filtration plants by the respective committees and deployment of staff from municipal committee led to delay of the operation of these plants and it is expected that these plants would be made functional within a week.