BADIN - Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism and Archives Syed Sardar Ali Shah has said that the provincial government is taking steps to provide maximum facilities at the picnic spots across the Thar desert to attract the tourists.

Speaking to the journalists at Mithi on Sunday, Sardar said although the Sindh government had spent lot of money on these spots, still there were some places where the government needed to invest more.

He said keeping in view a growing demand from the locals as well as from people of other areas to convert the historical Churrio Temple in Parkar region into a tourist resort, the government was considering it seriously, and for that it would have to get ‘ security clearance’ from the border security forces. “We are planning to build more resorts at such places so that more and more people from across the country and abroad could visit these sites and get to know Sindh’s culture,” he added.

On the occasion, Sardar expressed his deep grief over the loss of lives in the incidents of lightning in Thar and other parts of eastern Sindh during the current monsoon season, hoping, however, that the rains would have a healthy impact on the crops.

The minister made it clear that nobody will be allowed to tamper with the historical sites of Thar and those located in rest of Sindh. Sardar appealed to the people to inform him of any such activity if it came to their notice.

He thanked the people, especially the media, for showing positive face of Tharparkar to the world such as the beautiful Karoonjhar hills, ancient Jain temples,  Bhalwa, village of legendary Marvi, Gaddi Bhitt in Mithi and a number of such  other places, which, he said, were being thronged by thousands of people after the recent showers.