ISLAMABAD-The PML-N leadership believes that the plan to launch a sleaze campaign against PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif by scandalizing his daughter's migration to the King Edward Medical College was devised under former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. According to party sources, endorsed by some independent vibes, enough evidence is available regarding brainstorming sessions at Musharraf's residence in which outlines of anti-Nawaz offensive were discussed. It was attended by all the main characters who subsequently published and circulated the story in the Press and the Parliament. A well-coordinated campaign was launched to malign Sharif. The first salvo came from MQM chief Altaf Hussain who never misses an opportunity to assail Sharifs. He accused the former Premier of carrying out a politically motivated campaign against Chief Justice Hameed Dogar and referred to the case of 'illegal admission' of Sharif's daughter in the King Edward Medical College (KEMC) Lahore. Then a Lahore English daily published a small item on inside pages. Not satisfied with the pace and limited scope of this effort and the lukewarm response it evoked, the anti-Sharif lobby took some other steps to keep the issue alive. On December 19, an Islamabad weekly magazine Pulse came out with an investigative report, tracing the history of Mariam Nawaz's admission in Army Medical College Rawalpindi and later 'illegal migration' to the KEMC in violation of rules. The same day copies of the magazine were circulated among members of the National Assembly. PML(Q)'s Shahnaz Shaikh took up the issue on the floor of the house and blasted Nawaz Sharif after making a stout defence of Chief Justice Dogar. In Lahore, Governor Salman Taseer disclosed that he had prior knowledge about the whole affair. Given the fact that hardly any of our political leader is without a skeleton in his cupboard, the Mariam Nawaz story has failed to stir much dust. Unlike Farah Dogar's case, it pertains to migration, rather than admission, from one college to another. PML-N spokesman Ahsan Iqbal says she swapped the seat with another student who wanted to join the Army Medical College after a year. Even while the embarrassment caused to Nawaz Sharif might have given some 'vicarious satisfaction' to the PPP leadership, the PML-N has not pointed any accusing figure towards its top leadership, 'Shahnaz Shaikh's cordial ties with Rehman Malik notwithstanding'. She had her revenge against Sharif under whom she and her spouse faced corruption charges until she joined the PML(Q) to avoid the NAB stranglehold. Under Musharraf she got the permission to establish bonded warehouse for diplomats that was kept on hold after the dismissal of PPP government in 1996. Musharraf had a reason to orchestrate the campaign against the man who remains his inveterate foe while seeking his trial for treason and other heinous crimes. Regular visitors to Musharraf tell people that despite his humiliating ouster, Musharraf continues to nurture hopes of a political come-back. Although he feels betrayed by Asif Zardari about whom he would confidently assert that he would not ditch him. He still believes Zardari is anyway a soft target. From March to August, Musharraf's entire focus remained on sowing discord between Asif and Nawaz. He delivered the MQM to Zardari to free him from dependence on PML-N. These machinations appeared working when PML-N had to quit the coalition. In August, however, Zardari shocked him by realigning with Nawaz to replace Musharraf. The General is pinning his political ambitions on his creation, the PML- Q. Despite many botched attempts to replace its present leadership with a loyalist, he has not lost heart. He is wary of increasing prospects of unification of both factions under Nawaz Sharif's leadership and exercising all possible options to frustrate it.