The decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan is like a ray of hope in darkness for Pakistanis. It might just help reduce corruption in Pakistan. I am on the horns of a dilemma on the learned court's decision pertaining to Nawaz Sharif. He is no angel, we know, but he has been cleared by the Supreme Court in all previous cases against him, including even the hijacking case. That is very disappointing. We know he has been involved in money laundering as admitted by his close associate Ishaq Dar in a testimonial. And he was not even held responsible when his own ministers were involved in attacking the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Last but not least, he has even wriggled out of the legally-binding agreement with the Saudis; when they reminded him of the agreement not to appear in an election for ten years, he got a decision from the courts delaying the by-elections that he was due to appear in for security reasons. The ten years would be completed next year and he would be able to participate. I am surprised that they courts have simply let him have his way. If an election can take place in the constituencies of Swat, why not in Punjab? Why do all decisions of the courts go in his favour? Is he being paid for his support for the campaign he launched for the restoration of judges? -DR. FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, December 21.