ISLAMABAD All Pakistan CNG Association (APCA) Wednesday announced a countrywide strike by closing CNG stations for an indefinite period after December in protest against government decision of increasing CNG prices. The association has decided that all filing stations would be closed in a protest after December 30 for an indefinite period over the government decision to enhance the prices of the environment-friendly fuel from January. Chairman APCA while addressing a press conference said that government should take its decision to increase the CNG prices back before December 30. The strike would remain till government did not take its decision back, he added. He said that the association in its meeting has rejected the governments decision to increase the CNG prices from the start of new year 2010. It is worth mentioning here that government has announced to increase the prices of CNG from the start of New Year by Rs 8 per kg. After such increase in CNG prices, it would cost around Rs. 58 per kg against its existing price of Rs. 50 per kg. Paracha further said that the CNG association is also against the governments Gas Load Management Plan to close the CNG stations for two days a week. Government should also take this plan back as it is neither in the favour of the masses nor the CNG association, he added. He said, CNG sector is consuming only 6 per cent of the total gas and generating around 26 per cent revenue. In the country more than 2.5 million vehicles are running on CNG and majority of public transports are using the said fuel, he added, and said that if Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Shaukat Tarin wants to purchase gas filling stations then he should buy 2.5 million vehicles from the masses. He said government should maintain 50 percent gap between CNG and petrol prices as it was agreed in 1992 however the gap is getting smaller by the day. He said in 1992 when investment was brought in the CNG sector, the then-government assured that 50 percent margin would be maintained between the prices of gas and petrol. The Gas Load Management Plan did not prove fruitful as despite keeping CNG stations being closed for two days a week, domestic consumers are still facing gas load shedding throughout the country, he said. In more than 80 percent Suzuki vans and Rickshaws, CNG kits are stalled and this is the reason due to which they remain off the road on two holidays of CNG stations, he said. Representatives of Islamabad and Rawalpindi Association were also present in the press conference and attended the meeting of CNG association earlier. They also favoured the decision of CNG association and announced that the transporters of twin cities would go on wheel jam strike from January 30 if the government did not take decision back. Members of association suggested that government should close CNG stations for one day a week and by closing two days people suffered a lot.