ISLAMABAD The government can be urged to ponder over the appointment of eunuchs for the recovery of billions of rupees loans from defaulters as transvestites were serving governments around the globe, remarked Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry in a pleasant mood on Wednesday. Chief Justice on one occasion in his remarks said, The federal government as well as the departments of social welfare should be urged to mull over putting the eunuchs on duty, as in other countries, especially India, for recovery of loans. A three-member bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, was hearing a petition seeking the establishment of a commission to emancipate effeminate men ostracised by society for no fault of their own. The bench, in a pleasant movement, advised the government to give employment to the eunuchs so that they may be able to recover the written off loans which led the country towards a financial crunch. He directed all provincial secretaries to ask DCOs for the registration of transgender in the district so that their names can be forwarded to NADRA for their National Identity Cards (NICs). He said that their families must give their inherit and property to them, asking the government to make a policy for their education. If their families do not give them their right in their assets they will face the laws, the Chief Justice warned adding, the eunuchs should also cooperate with the officials during their registration. The appellant, Dr Mohammad Aslam Khaki informed the court that the Sindh government has agreed to fix 5 percent quota for eunuchs in government jobs as well as free medical treatment in the province. He informed the court that various universities offered their Ph.D thesis on a eunuchs life in Pakistan, which certainly will help them to know about this gender in the world. He informed the court of the conditions of the ignominious merrymakers and discovered them to be the most oppressed and deprived segment of the society, subjected to humiliation and molestation. During the course of the proceedings, the Chief Justice observed that eunuchs were also citizens of Pakistan and should be given basic fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution. They are human beings and nobody has the right to hate them, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain remarked. The court directed the government to call a meeting of Chief Secretaries of the four provinces with along with Advocate Generals and evolve a strategy that could ensure welfare measures for eunuchs. Interior Ministry Official Khalid Zaman informed the court that the ministry has not yet been informed with regard to registration of such gender. However, as NADRA contacts us the ministry will chalk out a policy to implement the court order, he explained. Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney Shah Khawar informed the court that the government was thinking of legislation, if needed, to give eunuchs their basic rights. The names of eunuchs will be registered in voters list as NADRA issued them NIC, he added. Besides, the Chief Justice appreciated the efforts of Dr. Saeed of Sindh Health Department who worked for eunuchs in the province. He also observed that the police apparently did not make serious efforts to stop the people who harass the transgender community. The court also directed Shah Khawar to seek instruction from the federal government for adult education, as the apex court will observe the matter under the Article 22 read with Article 25. The hearing was then adjourned for a month.