A very ugly campaign is going on against the son of PPP's Secretary Information, Mrs. Fauzia Wahab. It is being alleged that her son sent a malicious SMS to a leading journalist of the country wishing him death. At a time when a strong media campaign is going on against the PPP government, this is the latest in the long string of allegations being leveled by a desperate opposition. The opposition probably lacks an issue to give them traction for a shovel on the spick-and-span, squeaky clean image of the government. Mrs. Wahab's son, I am sure, is a thorough gentleman and must be as pious a soul as his mother. All this murdering SMS business is malicious propaganda, which if not stopped forthwith, would force the party to call its senior minister in Punjab, Raja Riaz, to the rescue. And he might actually break the legs of all those who are behind this campaign. -DR SHARIF BHATTI, Rohri, December 23.