ISLAMABAD In yet another case of irrational highhandedness the British High Commission has denied a visa to renowned writer, poetess and feminist Ms Kishwar Naheed, despite the fact that she had been given five-year visas consecutively for the last ten years. This time round, the reason stated for refusing her the visa was that her hosts could not afford to keep her She presumes this refers to her doctor and literary friends in the UK whose addresses she had given. According to Kishwar, she visits her son, living in Spain, every year and en route likes to drop in to London to look up old friends. She found it bizarre that suddenly the BHC refused her the usual visitor visa. Taking it as their insult the literary circles termed the visa denial to Ms Naheed by British High Commission as totally unjustified as the lady was a world reputed writer and poetess known across the continents for her bold and progressive writing. The officials at British High Commission said that it was the prerogative of the host country to grant or deny visa to the visitors. It is pertinent to mention here that the British High Commission had lost several dozen passports of Pakistani visa seekers and in certain cases the High Commission officials did not bother to even respond to the applicants who were made to run from pillar to post in search of their passports - which have still to be recovered. Perhaps that is the BHCs prerogative too?