OKARA (Online) The present government is responsible for crises in the country and due to rulers mistakes, mid-term elections are the need of the hour, says Chairman PTI Imran Khan. Talking to leader of PTI District Okara Haji Inamur Rauf, Imran said that NRO beneficiaries have insulted the public mandate and they should accept and give respect to Supreme Court verdict. He alleged that the present government had given unemployment, worst law and order situation and inflation to the masses and they have been given the news of increase in power prices. Imran Khan said, We have sold our dignity and security and have given the authority to IMF and other international organisations to take decisions of our future. Situation of common man is very poor and middle class is also in trouble. The party which always raised slogan of rights of the poor has done nothing for poor people. The PTI Chairman said that rulers are unaware about the problems of common man and they are living luxurious life. He said that the amount, which is being spent, on protocol in our country is not even spent in Britain.