ISLAMABAD National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence on Wednesday deferred the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bill 2007 seeking approval for amendment in the Army Act 1952 regarding civilians trial in the military courts. The committee in the chair of Dr. Azra Fazal reviewed the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bill 2007 in the light of a comprehensive briefing given by Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan who was there on a special invitation. The committee deliberated on different amendments introduced in the Act, including those through which any civilian can be detained and tried in army courts under the Army Act. The committee also mulled over the amendments made in the sections of the law regarding the working and limits of military courts. Aitzaz opposed the amendments in the Army Act 1952 introduced by the Musharraf regime. He was of the view that the certain articles of the amended law stripped any civilian tried in the military courts of many basic human rights, including the right to challenge the verdict. Aitzaz while briefing the committee on the pitfalls of the proposed bill citied various judgements of the Supreme Court wherein military courts were declared null and void. However, he shared the concern of the committee that the special circumstances demand special legislation. He opined that the military courts established by amending the Pakistan Army Act would pass the test of the judicial scrutiny if they meet the international standard of adjudication. He suggested that the concerned High Courts should be consulted for permission of military courts constitution into any case. After the briefing where the committee deferred the Bill, Chairperson Dr Azra Fazl told media persons that committee would make sure that the decision taken on the matter must be in line with the supreme national interest.