LAHORE The Pentangular Cup Cricket Tournament will start from January 1, 2010 throughout the country. The PCB Wednesday announced the schedule of the Pentangular Cup First Class 2009-2010 starting from January 1, 2010 till February 4, 2010. In all, five teams will participate in this tournament and the top two teams from each group of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2009-2010 - two departmental (HBL & SNGPL}) and two regional teams (Karachi Blues & Sialkot Region) and one Rest of Pakistan - will participate in this tournament. The top two teams will play the final. The umpires, referee and scorer for the final will be announced later. Schedule: Date, Teams, Venue, Umpires, Referee, Scorer Jan 1 to 4: Karachi (B)-Sialkot Region, National Stadium Karachi, Ahmed Shahab-Anisur Rehman, Mahmood Rasheed, Imran Ali. HBL-SNGPL, NBP Stadium Karachi, Riazuddin-Kamal Merchant, Naeem Ahmed, Muhammad Ahsan. Jan 7 to 10: Karachi (B)-SNGPL, NBP Stadium Karachi, Akram Raza-Ihtshamul Haq, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, Imran Ali. Sialkot Region-Rest of Pakistan, National Stadium Karachi, Saleem Badar-K Mahmood Sr, Anwar Khan, Salman Hussain. Jan 13 to 16: HBL-Rest of Pakistan, NBP Stadium Karachi, Shakeel Khan-Kaukab Butt, Mahmood Rasheed, Salman Hussain. SNGPL-Sialkot Region, Niaz Stadium Hyderabad, Riazuddin-Rasheed Bhatti, Musaddaque Rasool, Arif Majeed Arif. Jan 19 to 22: HBL-Sialkot Region, National Stadium Karachi, Shakeel Khan-Islam Khan, Ilyas Khan, Imran Ali. Karachi (B)-Rest of Pakistan, Niaz Stadium Hyderabad, Akbar Khan-Ahsan Raza, Khateeb Rizwan, Anjum Baig. Jan 25 to 28: HBL-Karachi (B), National Stadium Karachi, Zameer Haider-Iqbal Butt, Khateeb Rizwan, Salman Hussain. Rest of Pakistan-SNGPL, NBP Stadium Karachi, Saleem Badar-Ahsan Raza, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Ahsan. Jan 31 to Feb 4: Final at National Stadium Karachi.