KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Gul Mohammad Jakhrani on Wednesday lashed out at Sindh National Front (SNF) Chief Mumtaz Bhutto, saying that people of Sindh knew the real motives of Mumtaz Bhutto in politics. Addressing a Press Conference at PPP Sindh Media Cell, the PPP lawmaker said that he had surprised over the SNF head's demand for mid-term election. He said that Mumtaz Bhutto had no candidates for District Larkana constituencies to contesting election. He said that SNF head should respect the sentiments of people of Sindh and stop playing in the hands of those people who wanted to derail the democratic government. Vested interests want to hijack the popular mandate of the masses through hatching conspiracies, he alleged. He said that SNF head inked controversial NFC award and with blessing of anti-democratic forces became caretaker Chief Minister Slot of Sindh province. The PPP legislator lashed out at Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan and JI leader Munawwar Hassan, saying that the history bear testimony to the fact that the PPP had always saved the federation. He accused the JI of supporting the dictatorial rule of Yahiya, Gen Zia and Pervez Musharraf. He alleged that it was JI that facilitated the judicial murder of Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and supported military dictator Zia who gave the country the gift of heroine and sectarianism. He demanded that the SC should probe funding for Jihad during Zia regime in which JI received millions of dollars in the name of Jihad. He demanded that the Supreme Court should probe the killing of innocent Bengali people killed by the JI activist. Gul Mohammad Jakhrani appealed the Supreme Court to start probe of NRO signed by PML-Q leader Mushaid Hussain and Chaudhry Shaujaat, when military dictator formed PML-Q and writing off of million of rupees loans from banks. He said that the PPP government inherited problem but PPP Co-Chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari in short span of the time, took bold decision and announced package for Balochistan. He said that people of the country still remembered the role of Imran Khan who was chief agent of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf in his so-called referendum. He also criticised the media, saying that people of the country knew their real faces who in the guise of journalism profession full filling the agenda of anti-democratic forces.