ISLAMABAD A paralysed MNA of the ruling PPP, who just needs nursing care more preferably at home, has been kept in a VVIP suite at PIMS for the last seven months with his family on national exchequer. A senior neurologist of PIMS, who has remained very close to the treatment process of Mian Mohsin from the very first day, seeking anonymity told TheNation, He does not need to stay in hospital as he just required simple nursing care after he got paralysed one year ago. To a question about why hospital administration is not discharging him, he said that strong political pressure from the incumbent Government hindered the administration from doing so, as Mian Mohsin was the person who helped the incumbent PM to get the slot, he added. Doctor alleged that some of Mohsins relatives had made special arrangements to keep him in a flat of Federal Lodges after he got paralysed but some kith and kin of Mian Mohsin, just to cash his political status, shifted him here. According to the hospital record, Mian Mohsin Ali Qureshi MNA PPP was brought to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on June 4, 2009 and VVIP suite No. 1 and an attached room was allotted to him, where he has been under treatment. Besides him, his entire family is also staying in the hospital. According to well informed sources, some one year before Mian Mohsin had demanded medical facilities for himself abroad on government expenses, and a committee was constituted to look into the seriousness of his illness. Board members in mutual consent resisted the idea on the ground as the sufficient facilities to operate such patient are available in Pakistan and Mian Mohsin was shifted to Agha Khan Hospital Karachi. In Agha Khan Hospital doctors operated upon him but after the operation, complications surfaced and he underwent an attack of Brain-Hemorrhage, which caused permanent brain damage, paralyzing him for the rest of his life, his relative informed. He remained in the Agha Khan Hospital for four months on the expense of government and then moved to PIMS on June 4, 2009, and is still present there. Off the record conversation with the paramedical staff, duty doctors and a specialist neurosurgeon revealed that he only needs nursing care as he is paralysed. They could do it at home by taking services of a nurse or even his wife is enough to take care of him, a senior doctor told TheNation. A female paramedical staff assigned on duty told that his two wives and sons were residing along with him, while visitors from his constituency and other relatives visit him on daily basis. A senior neurologist told TheNation that even administration of Agha Khan Hospital had suggested the family members of Mian Mohsin to take him back home where a nurse or even one of the family members was enough to take care of him. A senior doctor at PIMS giving the history of VVIP suite 1 said that that state-of-the-art suite was established during first tenure of slain Benazir Bhutto, when she was pregnant. He said that it was the only room we had to facilitate Prime Minister and President of Pakistan in case of any emergency but the suite had been in possession of the family members of Mian Mohsin. He said that three times a day special and luxurious food is cooked for the whole family and visiting relatives besides laundry and other facilities on the expense of the Government. It is pertinent to note here that Mian Mohsin was elected in general election held in February 2008 on PPPs seat from the constituency NA-176 Muzaffargarh-I. His wife Khalida Mohsin Qurashi has also been an MNA in the past. A senior neurologist of the hospital has requested Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to look into the issue and suggested that if the PM wants VVIP treatment of a paralysed MNA of his party then he could do that on party expenses but not from the national exchequer.