KARACHI (Agencies) - A mysterious disease has come to haunt the fishermen locality Rehri Goth situated in Karachi causing mental and physical handicap to dozens of residents. According to a private news channel, Karachis backward area of Ibrahim Hyderi and adjoining impoverished Rehri Goth are awash with the spectacles of helplessness and vulnerability at every step. The 16-year son of Jam Panhon, a resident of the indigent locality Ibrahim Hyderi, his brother and two sisters have turned physically and mentally retarded, shoving also Jam at the threshold of the handicap. The inexplicable disorder is the plight story of none less than 200 children and adults. According to social workers, the strange illness has taken in its fold not only children but also the adults. According to Health Consultant Dr Humaira Javed to the impecunious locality. The team found four disabled children lying down in a row on floor in the house of Muhammed Hussain resident of Rehri Goth. The basis of all reasons told by the consultant stipulate the poverty as the root cause of this unexplained disease. If only the breaths can be termed as life, then these children can be believed to be alive; however, in an era of government by people who raise the slogan of the peoples government, the very thought of nation having future sans healthcare and hygiene sends chills down the spine.