LAHORE - All theatres, cinema houses, film studios, clubs, arts councils and cultural centres have been closed in respect for the holy month of Muharram-ur-Harram. These outlets will remain closed till December 30, while some of the theatres and cinema houses will remain closed the entire month of Muharram. According to an estimate, as many as 20-cinema houses, over a dozen theatres, all branches of Art Councils and clubs have been shut. The artists have turned to Imambargahs and mosques to attend Majalis Aza, and also to recite 'Nohas. The notables among them have arranged 10 days Majlis-e-Aza at their residences. Prominent among them are renowned actors, singers and directors including Sohail Ahmad, Khalid Abbas Dar, Syed Noor, Saima, Shan, Sangeeta, Reema, Veena Malik, Noor and Shahida Mini. Talking to The Nation, eminent film actress Reema said that she was organising mourning meetings at her residence. The unparallel history of Muharram stressed upon us that we bravely should lay down our lives for the supremacy of truth, she said and added that almost all the actresses had been organising religious gatherings at their houses. Even the Christian community has announced to celebrate Christmas, which is falling on 7th Muharram, in a simple and serene manner. Special mourning ceremonies will be held at Imambargahs marking the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Qasim (RA), the nephew of Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA), who laid down his life at Karbala for the supremacy of Islam, justice and truth. The Aza meetings are fetching crowd where prominent scholars throw light on the tragedy of Karbala, and the cause for which Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his 72 faithful companions laid down their lives to uphold the values of truth, righteousness and piety enshrined as basic articles in Islam. The walled city area in Lahore is burgeoning with Muharram activities where the people from outside the City have gathered in a large number to participate in the mourning processions. The banners and posters marking the significance of Muharram have been displayed in large quantity at City roads and crossings as well as lanes and the streets. All meetings in mosques of all sects and especially in Imambargahs are devoted to the philosophy of martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S). The Government has also imposed restrictions on holding theatres, merry-go-round and other amusement activities at the Urs of Baba Farid Ganj Shakr (RA) due to sanctity of Muharramm, now in progress at Pakpattan.