LAHORE The Pakistan hockey team seemed to have turned their focus on leisure or liaison in the name of culture rather than concentrating on their performance. The pictures scandal during the Champions Challenge Cup in Argentina, that has struck the Pakistan hockey, would have lasting bearings on the game for sure. Although the politically-appointed officials of the Pakistan Hockey Federation have strong roots and the likely chance is that there wont be any inquiry into the players and officials nights out and if there would be it wont yield any result and their wont be any consequences for those who went beyond their culture. The national sport has already been under dire stress of defeats and downward trend and cannot bear such scandals in a game of high speed, in which the players have to stay hundred percent fit. Despite several efforts made by many who retained the office in the past, nothing fruitful happened and when a glimmer of hope started to twilight the horizon, it once again went in to abysmal state of affairs. It were not only the players who were seen involved in nights out but also the officials were reported to have lighter moments in Argentina. But the thing that bothers the most is that if Argentina has such a culture why the Pakistan team and officials have forgotten their valued status. Reports stated that it all happened a night before the final against New Zealand, which Pakistan lost 2-4. Well, if the Pakistan team were partying, didnt they think it was too early to celebrate while going beyond their culture. There is no shame in rejoicing the glories but it should have been after the final while staying within the limits. Now as the scale of criticism of the PHF is growing, its president Qasim Zia has come to defend the team and officials as well saying that its not a serious offence. And even they (the PHF) got a letter from the Salta Association of Hockey for their backing. For him (Qasim Zia), it may not be a serious offense but for the millions of Pakistan fans, who still want to see the game at the top, it is not less than a crime because it is the performance that matters. And only those teams reach the podium having the will and determination and not those who flounder spinelessly, wasting their energies off the field. The lame justifications to the happenings on and off, the field wont matter or even luring in support from the Argentinean counterparts too did not bear any fruit. All that matters is the performance to the same level once Pakistan had enjoyed in the hockey world. So in the present state of the game in Pakistan, there is no room for tedious scandals.