PESHAWAR An overspe-eding vehicle carrying officials of US Consulate and intelligence operators on Wednesday rammed into another car and resultantly the driver of the latter vehicle received serious injuries. The incident took place here on Railway Road, which lies in the jurisdiction of University Town Police Station. Bakhtiar son of Burhan, a resident of Shami Road, was on his way in his car when he was suddenly hit by a speedy bulletproof car bearing number 7276, apparently belonging to the US diplomatic mission. The passengers of the diplomatic black vehicle remained safe and sound, however the injured Bakhtiar was shifted to Khyber Teaching Hospital, an eyewitness told TheNation. A case was later registered in the respective police station on the insistence of the injured and his relatives. However, there was no mention of the car of the diplomatic mission. The incident is not first of its kind involving the diplomatic vehicle, a police official told TheNation on condition of anonymity, as he isnt allowed to talk to media. He said that police would always 'safeguard Americans as they are very close to our bosses. People are already scared due to speedy and suspicious movement of armoured cars in the locality for the past many months. These developments have triggered speculations about increased presence of Blackwater mercenaries and other American security personnel in this important garrison town. Duty officers at US consulate, when contacted, denied any such incident.