ISLAMABAD (Online) Water is not being supplied to Model Town Hamak Zimny regularly while the residents have demanded of the officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) to supply water to the area regularly. While talking to this news agency here on Wednesday, the residents said that water is not being supplied regularly to Hamak Zimny and after every ten days water supply is stopped to the area. The residents said that they have complaint to CDA but to no avail. The residents alleged that CDA with collusion of tankers association is not supplying water to the area. When this news agency contacted to CDA administration in this regard they said that tube wells are out of order so thats why water is not being supplied to the area. The residents also complained that performance of post office is also not satisfactory in the area because letters and posts are not being distributed in the area and post administration develop stance that they do not have post man. The residents demanded of the officials of CDA and post office to take strict actions against careless staffers make better their performance on priority bases and make sure provision of water to the area. Meanwhile, owing to closure of filtration plants in several sectors of the capital, the inhabitants are facing enormous difficulties in getting clean drinking water. According to a survey conducted by this agency, it has been found that filtration plants were closed in most sectors creating severe shortage of clean drinking water. The citizens while narrating their complaints informed that the officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) have been informed several times regarding closure of plants but they pay no heed to their complaints. Commenting on water supply system, the people said that the water tankers were not reached in time despite lodging several complaints. The officials of CDA when contacted opined that the supply of water has been suspended due to upgradation of water purification plants, adding the plants would be made functional after upgrading. Asked about delay in supply of water through water tanks, they held the security check post responsible for the delay in the supplying of water but assured that the Water Supply Wing of the authority is making all possible steps to improve the situation. Meanwhile, the Rs 680 millions road construction projects in Rawalpindi have been delayed due to paucity of funds by the Punjab government while incomplete construction work is causing difficulties for the residents. According to details, Rs 280 million twenty two projects of road construction had been started under annual development project of Punjab government and Rs106 million had been allocated till June 30, 2009 but now only Rs 8.3 million have been allocated this year for the same project which is too small for such a big project. The roads are being constructed in Dhama Syedaan, Dhamial, Takht Pari, Sagry, Kaliyan Chontra, Morgah and other Tehsils of Rawalpindi. Small funds have been allocated for completion of these roads in current year which could further delay the completion of roads. A scheme of road construction had been started in Morgah with cost of five hundred million and Rs 1.7 millions had been spent on the scheme while more funds are needed. The uncompleted construction work of roads is causing great difficulties for the residents while talking to this news agency the residents complained that scattered material for the roads construction is disturbing the traffic flow and also agitating the residents.