PESHAWAR - Awami National Party Chief Asfandyar Wali has called upon the government to take action against terrorists if they refuse to negotiate.

Speaking at Waqt News’ programme ‘Exclusive’, he said instead of engagement in petty conflicts, it was time for all politicians to get united and devise a plan for decisive action.

He said Bashir Bilour’s assassination was not loss of ANP but also of entire Pakistan.

Former PM Yousaf Raza Gilani while condemning the assassination of Bashir Bilour said that he was personal friend of him.

He said: “Asfandyar has said that they would devise further plan of action in consultation with the Federal government after soyem of Bashir Balour. I think they should devise a plan of action in consultation with government and agencies as well.”

Gilani said the issue could not be resolved due to existence of foreigner militants in the country.

“The foreign militants came there for Afghan Jehad and now they have become relatives of locals as they married here. Now, they are doing businesses. The Parliament had passed the resolution to oust these foreigner militants from the area, he added.”

He said any action would go waste until entire nation unites against terrorism. Federal Information Minister Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira said that Bashir Bilour never showed weakness and fought against terrorism courageously.

He said a single institution could not fight against the terrorism and there was need of a national consensus to eliminate the menace. “Terrorism is an ideology and it is not name of some persons,” he said. ANP leader Zahid Khan said Bashir Bilour was a courageous person who always personally visited any terrorist incident. He said terrorist wanted to discourage the people fighting against them.  He said the terrorists wanted to push the country towards darkness, but we would fight against them.  Analyst Rustam Shah Muhmand said Bashir Bilour was a brave man.

He said protection of citizens was basic responsibility of the government.  He further said we should pay heed for the betterment of the country instead to act upon the US agenda.