KARACHI : Engro Foods Limited, a Pakistani multinational company, has entered the fresh dairy industry of the country by launching their new brand ‘Mabrook’. Karachi being the highest milk consumer city of Pakistan has been identified as the test market for the brand. The company’s objective is to tap the dominant fresh loose milk segment using the pasteurisation process, said a release here on Monday. Mabrook offers all the benefits of fresh milk that is, consistent cream (balai) yield, value in usage (yogurt, butter, ghee, direct consumption, etc.) and daily fresh supply of milk at Mabrook shops.

Keeping the loose milk consumer insights into view, the milk is sold through milk outlets and is dispensed hygienically to ensure that the best possible quality product reaches the consumer.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer, Engro Foods, Sarfaraz A. Rehman  said that out of 20 billion litres of tradable milk in the country, the unbranded fresh dairy holds almost 74 percent for the share in the industry.

Engro Foods has so far opened five Mabrook outlet in Karachi and plans to open over 30 shops in the city in the next 6 months following a franchisee model.