Former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani reiterated on Monday that he enjoyed constitutional immunity and therefore he would not appear before anyone in any case.

“Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has acknowledged my immunity, some people are playing the childish game of notices. Let them play,” he added while talking to the journalists here on Hazoori Bagh Road after attending a Qul Khawani. He claimed that it was because of his constitutional immunity that his lawyer appeared in OGDCL and Haj cases in the court instead of him. He added that he did not care even if his name was included in all ongoing cases in Pakistan.

Referring to upcoming local government elections, he said that although the PPP had strong reservations, it would yet participate in the elections. “We’ll not leave the ground empty for any one,” he added. To a query, he said that if any tension existed between PPP and MQM in Sndh, it was quite normal and part of politics.

About Imran Khan’s sit-in, he said that it was a constitutional right of Imran Khan as he played the role of opposition. “The opposition has the right to express its concerns on certain issues,” he added. He warned that the PPP would play the role of a strong opposition if price hike went further up. Answering a question on talks with Taliban, he said that the political parties had given the government this permission to hold dialogue with Taliban. “Now whatever decision the government makes, we’ll support it,” he declared.