PESHAWAR - Owing to lack of proper U-Turn points on ring road, the drivers violate traffic rules by turning their vehicles on main road, which resulted in severe traffic's jam on ring and canal roads of Peshawar.

During a visit to the area, The Nation witnessed a long queue of vehicles stopped due to record traffic jam. Despite the presence of traffic police in large number, they failed to fine those who use single road for double purposes without any justification. The Peshawar Development Authority has blocked all the turning points on ring road and when the drivers could not find any space then they turn their vehicles towards main road and use one-sided road for double traffic.

The police turned blind eye towards the violators of traffic rules and regulations while the drivers excuse that there is long journey to reach a U-turn on main ring road that is why they turn their vehicle towards short distance to save their time.

The severe traffic jam greatly affects the patients who visit the Hayatabad Medical Complex from the far-flung areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. School buses remained stranded in the traffic jam and students unable to reach their homes on time.

A local resident of Kanday Achar Sarbiland Khan strongly criticised the provincial government, concerned officers of Peshawar Development Authority and traffic police for allowing vehicles to use one side road. He said if there was a U-turn point on the ring road then such traffic jam would not be happened.

Ihsan Shah, another resident of the area, told The Nation that earlier a traffic policeman had been deputed on this road but he was not fair with his duty and was taking extortion from the drivers. He was transferred when people of the area complained against him.

He maintained that despite demarcation of land, the Peshawar Development Authority has been failed to construct a service road on each side of the main ring road, which may reduce burden of traffic on main road.

He said that due lack of interest of PDA to start work on service roads, the demarcated land is now submerged with other land which is now constant source of disputes among the people which is also creating serious problems.

Though the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government had promised to streamline the traffic of Peshawar but so far failed to take some solid steps in this regard.

It is mandatory upon traffic police and PDA to fix certain points on central media of the ring road to allow vehicles for u-turn, otherwise, the drivers will have no choice but to turn their vehicles on main road, which would definitely cause severe traffic jam on this important route.