LAHORE : PIA spokesman said that no new post has been created by Chairman PIA in Information Technology Department of PIA as mentioned in the news story. Saqlain Gardezi is working as Manager in IT Department and is in Pay Group VIII for the past 8 years and not in Pay Group XIII. He has not been promoted to Deputy General Manager position (one step higher).

Besides, an individual promoted from Manager Level to Deputy General Manager level does not get heavy salary and perks as mentioned in the news story giving the impression as if there is a huge difference in salary and perks. The Position of Deputy Manager is not created rather officers are promoted progressively to higher groups. The Officer-level Pay Group starts from V and progresses till Pay Group X.

Pay Group V being officer, VI Senior Officer, VII Assistant Manager, VIII Manager, IX Deputy General Manager and X General Manager, while Director-level position and above come under a special group.

The spokesman further said that the position of Director Flight Safety has always been held by a Senior Captain and Hamid Gardezi is one of the senior most Captains in PIA as his appointment is under PIA rules. Promotions in PIA are not carried out on verbal orders, spokesman concluded.