Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid has said that the PML-N government will ensure timely completion of public welfare and development projects and will leave no stone unturned to ensure provision of all basic facilities to people at their doorsteps. The economic policies of the PML-N government would raise the living standard of people and help put the country on the path to economic stability and prosperity.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid stated this while talking to the newsmen, party workers and local notables here at Pasrur on Monday. MPA Ch Munawar Gill and local PML-N leaders Prof Shehzad Ahmed Butt, Khawaja Saeed Butt and Javed Iqbal Ghuman were also present on the occasion.

The Federal Minister revealed that the PML-N government was pursuing revolutionary economic policies which would transform Pakistan into a self-reliant and strong country, adding that the better utilisation of available resources would help create maximum opportunities of economic and industrial promotion. He pointed out that the present government had adopted practical steps to eliminate energy crisis and tackle internal and external issues in a befitting manner.

Later, talking the newsmen, Zahid Hamid claimed that early establishment of durable peace, weeding out terrorism and militancy was the top priority of the government and the PML-N was striving to strengthen democracy and true democratic norms in Pakistan.

He pointed out that the Youth Loan Scheme was a revolutionary step by the PML-N government which would create new opportunities of employment, adding that the scheme would help the women and youth to play their due role in strengthening national economy.

The federal minister maintained that the PML-N govt was taking keen interest in resolution of problems being faced by the women and youths, especially the skilled and educated persons, adding that the government attached great significance to their prosperity and development as they were the true future architect.

Zahid Hamid asserted that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was striving to make Pakistan a strong economical power as the PML-N government had made Pakistan a nuclear power 1997.

He stated that the PML-N govt was strengthening institutions and promoting democracy in the country to pave the way for a welfare state. He added that the PML-N would continue serving the masses without any indiscrimination and the time was not far off when the country would become a strong and developed country.

Earlier, the Federal Minister disclosed that Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif had approved a special grant of Rs70 million for early reconstruction of dilapidated main Daska-Pasrur Road. He said that this project would reduce the Lahore and Pasrur distance one and half hours, as people of Pasrur would be able to reach Lahore in 90 minutes by travelling through Sialkot-Eimanabad Road through Mundeyki Goraya and Kamonky as well.

Earlier, Federal Minister reviewed the pace of construction on various under construction projects in Pasrur city and its surrounding areas. On the occasion, MPA Ch Munawar Ali Gill briefed the minister on different road projects.