ISLAMABAD - Bowing down before furious taxi drivers who overcharge citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and provide substandard services, Islamabad Traffic Police on Monday finally allowed then to continue working in Islamabad without installing meter in their cabs.

Rather than admitting failure to convince the cabdrivers for installing meters in there cabs, Islamabad traffic police tried to get credit by announcing on Monday that it has launched `safe and secure taxi service' to provide better transportation facilities to citizens.

"A sticker would be issued to the cabs which would be pasted on its front as well as rear screens and ITP helpline (1915) would maintain record of such cabs in a database. In case of any compliant of citizens, the cabs can be traced easily and complaints would be addressed. Stickers are being issued by ITP in collaboration with Cab Union of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad," a press note quoted SP traffic Asmatullah Junejo as saying.

Highlighting the main aspects of this project, the SP (Traffic) Asmat Ullah Junejo said that ITP helpline will maintain the database of cabs plying in the twin cities of Rawalpinid and Islamabad which would have all the particulars about the owners and registration number of vehicles.

This database will further boost sense of security in the city and trace out the cabs in case of any complaint by the citizens. It occurs sometimes that citizens hire the cab, forget their precious items or valuables in it during the travel and can't note the registration number. Maintenance of database and pasting sticker at prominent place of cab would help such people in tracing out their valuables.

This system would also assist the cab drivers who can inform the ITP helpline (1915) before leaving to a particular destination. It would also help them remain safe from the criminal elements who can harm them in guise of passengers.