LAHROE: The tribal areas issues can only be solved by adopting the policy of PTI, says Imran Khan.

He was addressing a ceremony organised by PTI Minority Wing President MPA Shunela Rath in connection with Christmas on Monday. Khan said that his party would bring a system like State of Medina in the KP.

He said the criticism on his party proved that the future government would be of PTI. He said Pakistan was facing problems just because of injustice.

“Every politician claims to be friend of poor, but poor is getting more poor,” he said and added when we became a nation, we would have no need of foreign loans. He said Islam guarantees the security and right of the minorities.

On the occasion, a large number of PTI leaders including Ijaz Chaudhary, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Andleeb Abbas, Hamid Khan, Abdul Aleem Khan, Shafqat Mehmood and others were present.–Staff Reporter