PESHAWAR - Elders of the Akhurwal tribe Monday regretted the remarks made by certain tribal youths against Army high-ranking officials for their alleged involvement in mine leasing during a protest demo.

Addressing a news conference here at press club, the Akhurwal tribe elders Malik Habib Khan and Malik Mira Khan said that army personnel have no concern with coal mining in the area. They said that the stay of Army personnel in the area was for the protection of locals and maintaining law and order situations.

The tribal elders also said that the agreement made by the Mines Association with Akhurwal tribe should be brought before media, as the stated lease has already expired.

They said that these persons got a bogus extension, as the Akhurwal tribe has no new agreement for mine leasing.  

Flanked by other tribal elders Malik Shah Zaman and Said Mast, they said that the Akhurwal tribe would extend all possible support to Pak Army and the political administration for the welfare, development, prosperity and law and order in the area.

They said that the objectives could not be acheived without launching uplift projects in the area which would help youth get jobs.   

The tribal elders demanded of the government and administration to take notice of the coal mine lease and amicably resolve it as per the local tribal traditions.