ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain has revealed that at least 82 percent of Pakistanis consume polluted water. Senate’s Standing Committee for Science and Technology discussed on Wednesday the provision of potable water to masses where the minister stated that mineral water bottles did not have 100 percent pure water.

He said the committee should not ask the exact figures because they are dreadful. Committee member Mian Atiq termed impure water a reason behind diseases among the people. Experts say that laws for provision of potable water need to be changed. Mian Atiq said that Pakistan was among the countries which had increasing rate of Hepatitis patients and impure water had played vital role in this regard.

“Violators are neither punished nor laws are implemented,” said the committee member. Analysts have warned that by 2025 shortfall of potable water would hit 31 percent which stood at 24 percent in 2004. The government could never be able to achieve ‘healthy Pakistan’ dream if adequate steps are not taken at the right time, they added.